Engin Kaban

Founder | Hello Experto


Topic: Local tourism and domestic travel- the new focal points for the travel industry.

Travel Expert, Entrepreneur. Ex Travel Writer and Blogger. Founder of www.helloexperto.com

Engineering and Innovation Studies background.
Travel writing, blogging, web design, editing, community management, content marketing experience.
Fluent in English, Spanish. Native in Turkish.

Barcelona / Izmir / Tallinn based
Studied, worked in Sweden, Chile, Turkey, Spain. Knowhow of working culture & top contacts
19 years of travel experience (60+ countries, 4 continents)
11 years of remote work as digital nomad

Have a clue about: Entrepreneurship, Lean Startup, Marketplace Platforms, Sharing Economy, Innovation, Brand Strategy, Growth Hacking, Tech Conferences, Tourism Trends, Photography
Interested in: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, AR / VR, Videography, Ecology, Sustainability
Enjoy: Local Food, Music Festivals, Backpacking, Biking, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Camping

Accomplishments in Travel Industry

Articles, Photos published in Magazines, Newspapers, Websites
Interviews on TV, Radio, Digital & Printed Media
Public Speaks, Presentations
Jury for competitions
Travel Writing Awards
Author of a Travel Book published in 2012. Co-author of 2 other books
Founder of Turkish Travelers Society; first large travelers network in Turkey (since 2008)

Specialities and Experiences

Destination Marketing
Product - Service Promotion
Review Articles
Social Media Campaigns
FAM, Press Trips
Sponsorship Agreements
Brand Ambassadorship
Affiliate Marketing
Web Design, Wordpress, SEO
References by Tourism Boards, Travel Agencies, Airlines, Cruise Companies, Hotels, Restaurants
Big on social media (100K)
Translator / interpreter in 3 languages