Sunny Awasthi

Founder, Director & CEO | Motojojo


Topic: Role of local businesses & local authorities in reviving Indian tourism.

Sunny Awasthi, Founder CEO of Motojojo which is a community of travelers, like-minded people, Artists from across the country while building up relations with locals in touring and travel destinations in India.
Right from running a campsite purely on networking and staying together with strangers to bond over lip making local food and swimming in the lake while everything provided is by the locals there while they make a greater in the revenue. Sunny has always believed in traveling and connecting the societies together for a better place to co-exists and be in a safe and nonjudgemental tribe of our selves. The Motojojo family is active in more than half of the tire one and two cities while tourism is catered to the remotest of lands of our country.

Travel gives stories and that's what brings in peace and harmony in Sunny's life while being on the road mission became a platform for others to use the idea of community and travel and overall encouraged the Independent scene of the Nation.
On the road living the Roadster life for more than 10 years now. Rider, Driver, Cyclist, Mountain person, Community manager. Knows the country and its pulse from the rural travels. Perspective is on the saying of Athatu ghummakadi Jigyasa! Wanderlust to say it in the layman's language.