The global pandemic has left our travel industry in the list of 'most adversely hit businesses'. But the world is slowly opening up for the travellers. As we look forward to the industry starting over again, we must be prepared for what's coming and hence the conference. GTM will bring a diverse panel of experts from different sectors of the travel industry who will share their perspective on the current global crisis and its impact on our market. The online meet will address some key questions that all of you as travellers and travel businesses around have. Global Travel meet would give business deeper insight, solutions and schemes to start afresh and recover for the loss, things to look forward to and new strategies to adopt.

  • Employee lay off

  • Foreign reserves being affected

  • Failing businesses

  • Local Stores in tourist destinations

  • Merchandise market

  • The decrease in cross-culture activities

  • Innovation in safety and healthcare

  • Homestays vs Hotel

  • The new travel guidelines

  • Immigration & visa policies

  • Opportunities for South East Asia and the Middle East


The industry is definitely looking different and things are going to change in the post-pandemic world- whether for good or bad only time will tell. A large number of travel companies across the world that are suffering tremendous loss, and moreover they are not able to decide what they must do during such times - try and stay afloat or pivot? And not knowing what to do, the uncertainty is even more challenging.
As much as anyone we are all going through this with a hope that the future will hold something bigger and brighter. Hence we plan to put together an online conference that will invite industry leaders and experts from across the world to speak and share insights on the future of Travel & Tourism.

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